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Ipswich Couriers Blog

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hope everyone is well we are just waiting for the busy period to start up again then we should be right back in there again. we are still around so do not hesitate to give us a calll about your deliveries and collections.


we wish everyone happy new year and ask that you remember our courier service will deliver your parcels for valentines day too... as long as you all book us early to avoid disappointment.. 24 hour service and sometimes we smile.same day delivery|ipswich courier blog| 24 hour call out| light haulage|same day small van courier services.


follow us (we are thankful to are regular work customers) see what we chat about on twitter ; @ipswichcouriers we are always chatting on there couriers ipswich couriers for ipswich and other areas we support other local businesses you can also find us on facebook ... Hope everyone had a happy christmas we had some special offers on but we can not continue them now ... we are back to work now so just waiting for your call book now to avoid disappointment... 07538326398 we are on twitter @maccouriers #www.ipswichcouriers.com


WE just started to advertise with motortrades.com anyone know anything about them.


Alittle bit more about our business Ipswich couriers 07538326398.
Ipswich couriers (Mac Biz 2 Biz Couriers) Primarily work with other business groups as a 24 hour call out mobile service we specialize in our same day express delivery service, We operate mainly in Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk areas and geared up to work for a more commercial customer. We Have been established for some time now and so gained experience in all aspects of courier work. Ipswich courier’s service is second to none we feel we can deliver an excellent service to our customer. You won’t have to bring your parcel

Ipswich couriers blog




We are ready to take your call, if you need something taken fast from this area to the next fast remember Ipswich couriers cover all aspects of courier work. We pick up from your business and give you a call once we reach your desired destination for your package ...07538326398



We have been very busy again, we recently did some work for citisprint they are always happy with our work, we are very happy that businesses are back from holidays and ready to start trading again. We are Same-day couriers from Ipswich to anywhere. Call us for all aspects of courier work 07538326398 we will give you a free quote and help you to get your consignment to its destination fast. If you need a courier give us a look.


wow everywhere you look now, September, shops have started to put there Christmas things out and pubs have started booking there Christmas dinners ready in advance, not really a change from previous years it’s how they make money, well in an effort to keep up with Jones’s we will take bookings for all your courier work in advance over the Christmas period our friendly staff are ready to take your booking now over the phone or by Email if you know all the details now, we can quote you the work in preparation for you needing our Ipswich Based courier service, contact us for details on any offers we may have overthis period.


We are ready to take your call, if you need something taken fast from this area to the next fast remember Ipswich couriers cover all aspects of courier work. We pick up from your business and give you a call once we reach your desired destination for your package... 07538326398



we are back from holiday  


Now and ready to work with our customer to get that package safely but fast to its destination, we had a great holiday saw peter André in concert an many other crazy things in between so whenever you feel you need a courier quote or courier work from Ipswich or surrounding Areas up until Essex an London areas give us a call remember we pick up local but delivery national, Tel; 07538326398




well decided to Take a holiday done a bit of work for a man called terry tibbs this week i found it a bit funny an asked if he heard of the phone jacker he was of a different generation and so i had to explain who the Phone jacker was and why i enjoyed spending time with him just because of the novelty of his name... FUNNY... yes we are having a holiday firstly because IT’S the week that our birthday's fall on, secondly because the wife like's peter andre and she heard he was in town come the weekend and wants to beat the rush. but we should be back to usual come monday and ready to take YOU’RE calls for courier work and other business services.



We have been very busy, over the last few days doing courier deliveries mainly south west areas But we still cover other areas so you are welcome to give us a call to action, the courier work has picked up a little from last month to this. Today I booked in some work for Monday so that me happy again, going up north to drop a couple of pallets off, I do enjoy the north, the people are so friendly and the views are amazing. I do like going up north with work strange that the weather seems to get better after Birmingham. I really do love the different accents when I speak with the good people of the north. We seem to be doing more Light haulage runs at the moment the environment seems to favour the use of of this type of vehicle over the smaller vans. most popular seems to be the 7.5 tonne lorry work we have been doing .couriers in Ipswich.




so over the weekend we had some good runs up to the north an back and a busy week of it on the whole is why we haven’t put much more content up but in an effort to keep everyone up to date it has been a good week, we are booked up tomorrow and Wednesday but if you need something moved Thursday Friday we still have spaces for more work if your company is quick to get the work in to us 07538326398




The weekend was quiet for a change so got to go to a surprise party for a cousin and spent some time with one of my sons. reading getting him ready to go big school... now it’s Monday waiting for calls for courier work we put enough advertising out ... tomorrow we go round to other businesses posting flyers to promote ourselves again.. Ipswich couriers, sameday delivery service, courier ipswich,facebook. Ebay, Amazon. Got a big run for today and tomorrow in Sheffield and the surrounding areas, coming back through Birmingham and stone - multidrop deliveries van will be full and that’s us happy again.




Did some work for city sprint today, went to the middle of the country for them -it was a good run, had a full van load for my courier work and it took all day. The wife's friends went into a public house today and saw prince Harry in there local, They came home all happy and flustered as they did not expect to be so close to royality today they rung around all their friend to boost about their eventful day. There was just one concern about them being in the public house with prince Harry was that they said they would have known prince Harry was there in the first place so they could have dressed up more to be in his presence, but they said he seemed very nice.





I found my Mac biz 2 biz delivery website had been directly copied from the internet straight on to another site...Ipswich courier.... Couldn’t believe it - all the same exact info from on our sites copied to a company based in another country..... Never heard of them.... But they have got in contact with us since, an the whole thing was a computer error which has been resolved now.. thank you. Mishra




You can now join Ipswich couriers onface book and twitter, http://www.ipswichcouriers.com/ 07538326398 we except you especially if you like playing blitz bejewelled! Call Mac 07538326398 we will be therefor you we deliver and collect that important package or parcel.





For our courier prices give us a call with the distances in miles and time you want your package to reach its destination for a speedier quote: 07538326398. Always ready to serve.





Had no fun today woke up early before getting courier work in, started putting us into the classified and business listings again, there's got to be an easier way to keep your business listed so people can still find you over the internet. Hey, but that’s just the morning, now got the rest of the day to look forward to. Have a good one everyone.#






We joined up with many other businesses on face book made lots of friends with local businesses hope to do the same on twitter later. If you are interested in finding us on twitter or face book follow the links on the links page, and join in with our conversations, all are welcome. Ipswich couriers delivery service has just made another couple of customers happy delivering their goods well before their deadline that we had arranged, saving them a very hefty fine.





If anyone reading this thinks they deserve a mention, send us an email and tell us about it. Else ring us when you need or want a package delivered we're happy to take the work or quote for work to be done at a later date. 07538326398. Feeling good, looking forward to rest of weekend, approaching more local businesses for work as we still have places to spare in the week: Thursday and Friday are not booked up as yet, but I will go on shed 5 my courier exchange that I'm a member of, and put our services down on their listings. Also, Carter George will more than likely have some more work for us.




Sometimes you say to yourself, I want, or I need courier work and then the next call you get is usually someone asking to advertise your company for you. You explain that you are a professional courier ready to do all manner of courier work and that your company is fully insured more times in a day than you get calls for work sometimes. Then there are some that ask for your courier prices and you wait to hear from them as you know you have given them a good price, but they wait until the end of the day to tell you you got the job, when you already booked in three other jobs for that time... lol that a good day..





Today I’ve started this new blog, like a courier post just to keep everyone that is interested in my work up to date. I may include things I found happening in and around Ipswich and things I enjoyed viewing or being part of.... remember I may be contacted on  ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  (E-mail if you you feel theres something i should be writing about more.) Even better, if you like what you see on my blog join us on twitter or face book, Ipswich couriers on both listings....


http://macbiz2bizdelivery.blogspot.com/ is our other blog although less







Wow what a week if anyone wants to know about our week you need to go on my website and see how we were nearly part of a copper pipe scam unknowingly. Not so clever www.ipswichcouriers.com/blog you really have to watch out in courier work. I’m personally not happy as its left me out of pocket...got to work out a way to make money to get it back now Ipswich Courier s The Courier Blog - 24hr Courier Service based in Ipswich, we transport parcels and mail packages up and down the country. Sameday delivery service available. Call 07538 326398 Blog | 24 Hour Callout | Same Day Delivery | Suffolk | Ipswich Ipswich couriers, same day delivery service, courier Ipswich, facebook Parcel delivery. if you need an income go to http://makemoney.jobs4you-online.com follow on twitter @jobs4unowdone ...


Ipswich Courier Services Comprehensive Delivery Service in Suffolk and East Anglia


 This is the very start of our courier blog see if you like it..